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This is the place to buy bees wax foundation presses, in a reasonable price. Our price is 370€, including shipping.



Product specifications:


Plate material:         Aluminium

Mold material:         Silicon

Apron material:       PVC (helps draw the wax off easily)

Foundation size:      Langstroth

Cooling system:      Air cooled (2 low noise fans, one on each plate, 230 V, 17 watts, 96 cubic meters per hour each)

Leveling:                  4 adjustable legs

Cycle time:              1,5 - 2 min

Total weight:           6,2 kilos

Storage:                  Do not store the mold outdoors, as exposure to sunlight and excessive humidity will cause rapid deterioration of the rubber.

Wax foundation or honeycomb base is a plate made of wax with the base of the honeycomb. It is used in beekeeping to give the bees a foundation on which they can build the honeycomb.


Wax foundation is considered one of the most important inventions in modern beekeeping.


Honeycomb built on wax foundation has important advantages over natural honeycomb:

  • Bees make the honeycomb more quickly, and therefore can spend less energy on making the honeycomb and more on making honey.

  • The number of drone cells is lessened, which reduces the number of drones.

  • The cells have thicker bottoms, and thus the honeycomb is stronger and can withstand impacts, heat and centrifugation better

  • The beekeepers who use their own wax to produce their wax foundation, can be sure that their wax foundation is natural and free of diseases, paraffin and chemicals for bee-treatment.


About wax foundation...

In our website you can find instructions about how to use the product, as well as pictures and movies of the product in use.